Creating an Experienced Focused Culture

We are founded on the principle that great experiences should be accessible to all communities and that every customer should be able to experience great service, captivating atmospheres and memorable cuisine no matter the location. We believe some of life’s greatest pleasures are many times to be found in a restaurant or perhaps a special event such as a wedding or a retreat. Therefore it is our intent that the act of simply getting people together should always be enough of an excuse for a grand experience worth cherishing and remembering.

A passionate commitment to service excellence, unique, transporting environments and consistently original cuisine. Our brands are obsessed with the guest experience – period.

We are proud to introduce you to our management team at Yolo Eats.

Yolo Eats, Inc. Management Team

  • Kellie Morgan – Owner & President – Yolo Eats
  • John Gamboni – Executive Chef/Director of Food & Beverage – Yolo Eats
  • Tito De LaTorre – Restaurant Manager – Maria’s Cantina
  • Monica Goss – Bookkeeper & Administrative Support – Yolo Eats